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Drew Elyse
September 15,2015

      Having met the author recently at an event , I purchased all her books that night, because I just knew I would love her writing.  I was right, the first in this series is Clutch.  The deep down tough girl, Cami, living a fake life with her cookie cuter house and beige everything. Including a beige fiancée that likes to tell her how to live her life.  She became someone she didn’t recognize when a man associated with her past reminds her of where she really comes from.  The daughter a bad ass MC member.

         She goes back to her roots with the help a very naughty MC member.  Falling for him, they have some wild steamy scenes, I thoroughly enjoyed.  With bikers is there going to be a happily ever after?  There are some speed bumps thrown at them in the beginning,  but the great chemistry and connection just might get them through the rough patches. Great writing!  I’ve already started the second in the series Shift.  Looking forward to all Drew Elyse books!

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4 stars

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