Bury Me

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Bury MeBury Me by Tara Sivec
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I hear screams in my head. I see blood on my hands. When I look in the mirror I see a stranger.How is it that I can remember bits and pieces of my life, but nothing of any importance and nothing that makes any sense? Everything is twisted and nothing is right. I’m choking with every breath I take, suffocating on the unknown. Two days ago, everything changed. Two days ago, the people I should trust the most became strangers in my convoluted head. The dreams I have can’t be real. The fleeting memories that whisper through my mind are scary and wrong…they have to be. If they aren’t, I have something much worse to fear than my fractured mind. I need to find out the truth, even if it destroys me. I've been told my name is Ravenna Duskin. I’m eighteen years old and I live in a prison…
Pages: 300
Published by Cincinnatus Press Genres: Fiction, General, Political, Thrillers

“I have to keep going. If I’m caught, I’m dead.”

Whoa. Just whoa. This was one of those books that when you finish reading you find yourself staring at your kindle thinking, “WTF did I just read?” and then you quickly search for your nearest bottle of liquor.

The beginning has your heart racing. Something is wrong and our heroine is terrified, but we know nothing. And then you spend the rest of the book trying to piece it together. A thriller in every sense of the word, Bury Me envelopes you in a feeling of impending doom. No character is to be trusted and the unimaginable is likely to happen.

“Nothing is falling into place and everything feels wrong.”

Prepare to do nothing else the day you open this book. Tara Sivec owns you with this book. You will need to clear your day and pack snacks. The option of “Just reading for a bit” is not available. You will be busy trying to figure out not only whodunit, but what is it that they did? Every statement has a double meaning and every action leads to another question. And just when you think you know, you don’t.

“I don’t feel like a normal person. I don’t feel like the girl everyone keeps telling me I am.”

I loved this book. I really did. There were a few moments that felt a little slow to me, but I had to keep reading. I loved how twisted the characters were and most of all, I loved that Sivec kept me thinking. Because in the end, this is a thinking book. You need to pay attention to everything. You need to watch for hints and clues and assume that every bit of information given is important.

4 stars and pair it with an Irish Car Bomb, because if the story doesn’t obliterate you, hopefully the drink will.

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