Bound to Me

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Bound to Me Book Cover Bound to Me
The Harbour Series #1
Christy Pastore

We set the rules…

Well, I set the rules… he agreed.

I left before we could break them, or so I thought I had…

Ella Connolly is looking forward to starting a new adventure in her life. After putting her party girl, headline-grabbing tabloid exploits behind her, she has become a responsible and successful entrepreneur. Moving across the pond to Manhattan, she’s determined to make the dream for her boutique to become an international retail brand come true.

While in the States, her overprotective brother insists she have a fulltime security detail. This complicates Ella’s plans in more ways than one.

Alex Robertsen’s life is in shambles. After losing the woman he loves to his brother, he’s been on a steady diet of booze and easy women in an effort to make himself numb. Things needed to change.

Change is good.

Good, that is, until Alex finds himself thrust into an all too familiar situation.

He’s obligated by a professional oath to protect Ella at all costs.

She’s vowed to not let distractions, even the ruggedly handsome ones, keep her from her goals.

But old habits die hard…

We’d broken the rules… more than once.

We were bound to… and we agreed it was worth the risk.

He left before it shattered us both… or so we thought.

Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Finally! It’s Alex & Ella time!!!

I first fell in love with Alex when I read Fifteen Weekends and though he was a favorite of mine, his character was something of a mystery. I was thrilled when I heard that we would finally get his story and find out what was behind his darkness. Just a warning: the prologue is heartbreaking… And you will love it.

Bound to Me begins with Alex broken and under a cloud of hurt when he runs, literally, into pure sunshine. Ella is new to The States and ready to start a fresh chapter in her story. Despite adversity and pain in her recent past, Ella is strong and loves her life.

What I love about these two is that their attraction to one another is so far beyond the physical. I mean, they are hot for each other, no doubt about it, but it is so much more. Ella is like a balm on Alex’s damaged soul. Her light is magnetic and it isn’t just Alex. As a reader I felt it too. Ella is enchanting and I was feeling so much as I read Alex’s story unfolded, but then Ella would come along and sooth everything. They balanced each other and it was refreshing. Even with emotions running high, the cuteness factor still shined through.

Along with the fantastic love story, this book has great humor! I laughed a lot. Ella cracked me up! Add to that the action and suspense and you have the recipe for a perfect romantic read. I couldn’t get enough of this story! I missed Alex and Ella when it ended. I really did.

I could tell you about Ella’s hilarious quirkiness and Alex’s sexy alpha male ways. I could tell you how incredibly HOT the steamy moments are or how well Pastore creates the sexual tension between our hero and heroine. I could tell you how fun it is to read about female entrepreneur who can be strong AND kind. I can even tell you about the utter swooniness that is Alex. (And swoon you shall…) But the real magic here is in the writing. Patore’s ability to balance the dark under currents with the light is poetic. Her writing is so versatile. I love that every story she brings us is completely different. What stays consistent is her brilliant world-building. The reader lives every moment alongside of the characters. Once you read that prologue, you are guaranteed to be hooked!

Bound to Me is a MUST READ! 5 explosive stars and pair it with Vodka Chocolate Milkshake Martini!

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