Beneath Blood and Bone Preview Review

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Beneath Blood and Bone
Thicker Than Blood #2
Madeline Sheehan, Claire C. Riley

Beneath Blood and Bone.

Eagle's Story.
#2 in the Thicker Than Blood Series
* Coming Summer 2015 *

“I want to go home.”

With the first sentence of this book, I was slammed back into Purgatory… and I use the word slammed cautiously when I consider this is Eagle’s book.

I as was hinted to in our interview with the authors, E is much more than he let on in the first book. Being inside of his head made me reconsider everything. And now I know why he is feared. I understand why he gets away with so much in a community where no one gets away with anything. In one chapter, I found myself feeling almost warm toward him. In this new world, its easy to forget that these people have an old personality they left behind with their loves, jobs, hobbies and technology. E is no different.

We were introduced to a new character in the second chapter. Autumn. She is a survivor unlike any we have met yet. I already love her. There is a lot of resolve in her and I cannot wait to see how she handles Purgatory and Liv!!! At this point she seems more pissed off than scared and I think that is just what she needs to make it.

I avoided reading this teaser because I was afraid it would just make me want Beneath Blood and Bone more and I was totally right. I am now DYING for this book!!!

THROW A GIRL A BONE, MAD AND C! (figuratively, of course.)

Order this book as soon as it is available for pre-order. You won’t regret it.


Our interview with Madeline and Claire

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