Beneath Blood and Bone

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I received this book for free from the author or publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
It is the end of the world…

They call him Eagle. Like the grand and beautiful animal that symbolizes freedom. And during these dark times, when humanity is full of nothing but suffering, a man with such a powerful name should be a beacon of hope.

He is anything but.

Her name is Autumn. Though she hasn’t said this name, or much of anything else, in the four years since the fall of civilization. A shell of her former self, and living wild in a cave at the bottom of a ravine, Autumn is accustomed to being alone. She prefers it actually, especially when her only other options for company are either trying to kill her, or worse, lock her up inside their walls.

Captured by Eagle’s people Autumn is suddenly thrust back into the land of the living, though she would hardly call it living. The community of Purgatory is full of sinners, the most evil of which seem to have set their sights on her.

In an act born of anger and defiance, Eagle becomes Autumn’s unexpected savior forcing these two solitary people into one another’s broken worlds. Neither knows quite what to make of the other, but one thing is certain.
To survive Purgatory, they will need to learn how to rely on each other; a feat that could quite possibly teach them how to live again.
Pages: 308
Genres: Action & Adventure, Contemporary, Horror, Love & Romance, New Adult, Psychological

“We are no more than skin, blood, and bone. When you take that away, nothing is left.   Nothing? I don’t believe that.   What do you believe?   I believe that beneath the blood and bone, there’s a soul.”

This writing team is pure magic. The brilliance behind Sheehan/Riley books is that each one is completely different. They follow different formulas. Each character has a distinct voice. And these ladies can cross genres like no other.

Beneath Blood and Bone is the second book in the fabulous Thicker Than Blood series. The thrills continue with BBB, but they head in a much different direction. Our hero in this book is Eagle, a character first introduced in book one. Eagle has a haunting and heartbreaking story that leaves you shocked to find yourself not only understanding him, but loving him. Having E’s point of view was truly a gift. He really came alive… Or maybe it was Autumn that brought him to life? Autumn was a tough character to crack too. She was a survivor. I loved her. She was so strong and so fragile at the same time. Eagle’s response to her vulnerability and idiosyncrasies was perfect. Not flawless, but perfect.

The feelings this book elicited spanned from despair and hatred to hope and love. How they managed to move me like that, I’ll never know. I loved the way the characters were written. All of them. Combined with the world-building, this series continues to be my absolute favorite of 2015. I am terrified by Purgatory and the world beyond. Even with this story having more of a romantic foundation, I still felt the peripheral danger all around. It was almost beautiful to have so much romance and tenderness in the epicenter of such evil and ugliness.

The biggest thing about this series is that the zombies are not the principal problem. It’s humanity. How we maintain our humanity. Who do we become when faced with the worst? Sheehan/Riley perfectly depicts the many ways a person can turn using the characters in their books. After each book in this series, I am left thinking for weeks. For me, that is the sign of a truly great book.

5 stars and Purgatory’s best hooch!

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