All the Rage

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All the Rage
T.M. Frazier
June 7, 2016

They call me Rage.
My real name is like a shadow, always close behind, but never quite able to catch up.
I fly under the radar because no one ever suspects I’m capable of the kind of brutal violence I commit each and every day.
You see, I’m a girl. I’m nineteen.
And I'm a killer.
This life is all I know. It’s all I want to know. It keeps the shit buried that I need kept buried. It allows me to live without thinking too much.
Without dwelling on the past.
Until him.
It all changes when an ordinary boy becomes my next target.
And my first love.
I have to choose.
The only life I’ve ever known has to die, or he does.
Either way, I’ll be the one pulling the trigger...
All the Rage is a STANDALONE.

We got a brief glimpse of Rage in Lawless, and when I saw that she had her own story, I knew that I had to read it. This book is raw and dirty and completely unapologetic for what it is. I loved every minute. Rage is the most badass heroine out there, and she’s not even trying, she simply is. Her character is by far one of my favorite females I’ve ever read. She has psychopath characteristics, but she is completely self aware at the same time. She makes no bones about who she is or what she is capable of. It’s not all dark, as Rage also has a surprising sense of humor. I can’t leave out Nolan. While he initially seems to be a boring jock, and so unlike King, Bear, or Preppy, underneath he is much much more. He has a dark side of his own, and plenty of secrets to go with it. He is definitely an Alpha in his own right.  Rage’s relationship with Nolan is eye opening for her. It does not change who she is deep down, but it makes her life a whole lot different. The heat factor between them is just as good as any other couple in this series, if not better. Their banter is effortless, and their attraction is undeniable. Yes, this book is a standalone and you don’t have to read it to keep up with ongoing story, but you will be missing out on an incredible book. You’ll also miss out on a few secrets that are great to know. 5 stars and a bottle of vodka! Enjoy!

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