Aetheists Who Kneel and Pray

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Atheists Who Kneel and Pray
Tarryn Fisher
July 13,2017

Yara Phillips is a wandering muse.

She dates men who need her, but always moves on to something new, never staying in one place for very long.

David Lisey is in need of a muse.

A talented musician lacking lyrical inspiration. When he first sees her, he knows he's found what he's been looking for.

Yara believes she can give David exactly what he needs to reach his full potential:
A broken heart.

David’s religion is love.

Yara’s religion is heartache.

Neither is willing to surrender, but religion always requires sacrifice.

It is impossible to read one of Tarryn Fishers books and not love it. Atheists Who Kneel and Pray has the same feel of the Love me with Lies series. I’m not saying it is the same story by any means but it explores the avenues of love and relationships in a similar way.

The beauty of Tarryn’s “romances” is that they aren’t the typical boy meets girl, they fall in love and have amazing sex and life is perfect. Tarryn writes the reality of love and relationships so perfectly. There aren’t immediate love connections. The female characters generally are hesitant to even go on a date. Even after the characters have connected and are in a relationship their doubts and worries are still out there. Love isn’t pretty; it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s messy and complicated. Tarryn is able to portray that in her writing. Her stories are so much more relatable in that way.

While the story does have an HEA, it is not easily achieved. There are many parts where you are sure that this relationship is doomed. Between misunderstandings and Yara’s jealousy you’re certain there is no way that this couple will ever reunite. The messiness of it all is what spoke to me. I have not had many romantic relationships but the ones I’ve had were very messy. The one I’m in is far from perfect. Certainly it is not a fairytale. The fact that life and how we were brought up greatly impacts our dealings with other people especially when it comes to romance is perfectly portrayed and so very real.

If you’re looking for an atypical romance you have found it in AWKAP. It is beautiful that despite the bullshit and the characters short comings they are able to overcome it all. Though it was not a quick reunion, it was still a reunion. Yara and David were able to grow and redefine themselves over their period of separation. I love the idea that when someone touches your soul, when someone completes you, despite what may have occurred in the past all of that can be overcome to bring those two souls back together again.

I give 4 stars to Atheists Who Kneel and Pray and would pair it with a Maiden’s Prayer

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