8 Hours to Die

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8 Hours to Dieby JR Carroll
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I received this book for free from the author or publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Published by Momentum Genres: Espionage, Fiction, General, Mystery & Detective, Suspense, Thrillers
8 Hours to Die Book Cover 8 Hours to Die
J.R. Carroll

When the past comes knocking, it will not be denied ...

Ex-cop turned criminal lawyer Tim Fontaine and his wife Amy are heading for their weekender – a restored farmhouse in remote bushland known as Black Pig Bend.

But even before they've eaten dinner, three outlaw bikers arrive on the scene. Suddenly Tim's house becomes a fortress. Who are these people? Why have they come? Who sent them?

As the lights go out and darkness descends, their idyllic world is transformed into a nightmare from which there is no waking up. Tim must grapple not just with formidable adversaries, but with unsettling questions relating to his own past, both as cop and lawyer, and even to his marriage.

But even if they survive this night against appalling odds, the ordeal is far from over. For when the past comes knocking, it will not be denied ...


Let me begin by saying that when this story ended, my first thought was, “Brilliant.” Plain and simple. It was brilliant.

“If he had to die, he hoped he could do it with some dignity and bravery. He hoped when it came to the moment, he wouldn’t quail and cry and beg for his life, die like a weak dog.”

There is a great deal of back story on each character, more so than I have seen in other books. At first this was puzzling, especially since it really wasn’t necessary for the story line. Then it happened. The story started coming together and each one of those complicated and extensive back stories made me feel more than I ever expected. I was suddenly empathizing for the villains as much as I was for the good guys. We have seen this plot before: couple trapped inside while bad guys are trying to get in and cause them harm. But this was not a horror story. With each bit of information about the individual characters, I found it to be more of a dark drama. It was raw and gripping and I was confused and astounded by the emotions the story elicited.

“He was a committed outlaw. Not for him the life of a citizen, the working stiffs of the world. He didn’t understand what motivated them to get out of bed in the morning.”

There were a lot of moving parts in this book. I admit that I was frustrated and confused during parts. It isn’t convoluted, but you do need to pay attention. The more I read, the more I appreciated what the author was building. Now, that being said… There were decisions the characters made that made me want to scream at my Kindle. But alas, I am not those people. Their ideas, choices and decisions are all their own. Like I said, I would not have made the same ones, but that wasn’t the point. This story highlights the humanity, or lack there of, in different members of our society. Where we are and how we get there and what drives a person to make the choices they make.

There are many twists and turns throughout this story. It is difficult to review without spoilers. What I will say is that I am glad I read it. It reminded me of how books used to be written. Everything isn’t black and white and not every story has a tight red bow to hold it together at the end. Real. Raw. Brilliant.

I give 8 Hours to Die 4 stars. It was daring and gripping and once I hit 70% I couldn’t put it down! This is a Jack and Coke kind of book.

ARC generously provided by author in exchange for an honest review.


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